May 24: Update of the fee for changes in our fare structure

We inform that we have updated the fees for change in our fare structure for the markets of DOMCO, DOMEC and SAMSAM and as of May 25, 2023 for XS, S and M fares we will have the following values:

New fees for changes in XS - S - M Fares


  • The update applies to DOMCO, DOMEC and SAMSAM markets.
  • Changes apply per segment, date and time of flight.
  • Fare difference charges and taxes may apply
  • There is no pre-flight change fee L and XXL fare, only the fare difference applies.
  • Applies to XS fares purchased on or after May 03, 2023.
  • XS Fare is not available for Europe and origin Brazil.
  • XXL Fare is only available for Europe
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