Can I fly with my emotional support dog?

Yes, you can fly with your emotional support dog as long as you make the reservation at least 48 hours before the flight departure, only through the Contact Center. If your emotional support dog weighs more than 10 kg, we will carry it in the hold at no additional charge.

  • Your dog must travel only in flexible containers (kennels) measuring 22x14x10 in (length, width, and height) and will fly under the seat in front of you on the plane.
  • You may fly with only one (1) emotional support dog, which must comply with all required documentation.
  • Present the printed form for transporting pets in the hold and cabin. If you do not have it, ask for it to our service agents at the airport counter.
  • The maximum height of your dog should be 8 in. 
  • The minimum age to carry your dog must be 4 months old.
  • Their transportation is subject to availability.  
  • The airport animal health authorities and Avianca reserve the right to refuse admission or transport the pet if it is considered that the pet does not meet the regulatory and safety conditions for the flight.
  • Pets that are aggressive or may bother other passengers or crew won't be allowed to fly in the cabin. You can take them in the hold of the aircraft, and you'll have to pay extra fees.
  • If your dog has a potentially aggressive behavior, you must carry a muzzle and use it if necessary. Our crew may ask it if the dog shows this type of behavior.

Check all the documentation

We will change our policy from February 1, 2023 

Your emotional support dog will be able to fly with you in the cabin:

  • If it has a maximum weight of 22 lb.
  • If you carry it only in flexible containers (kennels), as long as they can be placed under the seat in front of you on the plane.
  • The container must measure:22x14x10 in (length, width, and height), and your dog must remain inside the container during the flight, at all times.

From February 1, 2023, if your emotional support dog weighs more than 22 lb, it will fly in the hold, free of charge.

You must book your pet's travel more than 48 hours before your flight, through our service channels.


The transportation of pets is subject to availability, with a maximum limit of 6 pets in the cabin per flight (regardless of whether they are emotional support or pets), in compliance with the legal provisions in force. The limitation of the number of pets in the hold will depend on the type of aircraft.

Did you purchase a ticket before February 1, 2023?

If you booked the transportation of your emotional support pet before February 1, 2023, for subsequent flights, the cabin transportation conditions in effect at the time of your purchase will be maintained.

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