What are luggage tags and why are they important?


Luggage tags are the receipt you receive when you check in your luggage . They are very important as they are the identification of each of your bags. Make sure you always have them with you even after you have arrived at your final destination, as they are essential in case you have any later claims regarding your luggage.

General recommendations Stand by luggage
  • Make sure you keep the baggage tag with you at all times and that it matches the password that was given to you with your passport, which you will find at the bottom of the baggage tag consisting of 2 letters (airline code plus 6 numbers).

  • For your safety, we recommend that you always use identification that makes your luggage unique.

  • Always include a label with your personal details on the outside of your suitcase to make sure we recognise your luggage in case it gets lost or delayed. 

Keep in mind
The carriage of non-conventional baggage, such as sports equipment, requires you to sign a receipt saying that you understand that Avianca's liability is limited. Remember to sign the limited liability receipt on the back of the baggage tag when traveling with this type of items.
In order to reduce the company's financial exposure in the transportation of these items, we suggest that you transport the sports baggage as cargo. AV could transport the property in two ways: i) under the declared value mode, in which case its liability limit would be precisely that of the declared value; or ii) under the general mode, which would imply that AV would be liable for up to 22 special drawing rights per kilogram of weight.

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