What can I do if I forgot an item on the plane?

Did you forget something on the plane? Don't worry, we tell you what you can do to avoid losing a valuable item. 

Important: you are going to report within 48 hours after your flight, please notify us by filling out this form here, so please note:

  1. Read the requested information in detail.
  2. Fill in the information of the forgotten object.
  3. Complete and verify contact information.
  4. Include and review your reservation information.
  5. If we find your item we will contact you.

If you are reporting 48 hours after your flight:

    1. Report your forgotten items through our Contact Center or at the baggage office of the corresponding airport.
    2. It is necessary to present your ID and boarding pass to claim a forgotten item at the Office or at the Central Baggage Office. If you are unable to claim it personally, you can send a signed letter of authorization with a copy of your ID and that of the person you are authorizing.

We will store your forgotten items or baggage for 2 months from the date we find your items or the luggage arrives. In the event that this time has passed and no one has claimed the forgotten belongings, they may be destroyed and we will no longer be liable for these items. 

Documents in Bogota

If you forgot any documents such as ID cards, passports, driver's licenses, among others, on the plane or in the Avianca Lounges at El Dorado Airport, contact OPAIN's Lost and Found office at (57)(1) 4397070 Ext. 5112. If the documents were found in a wallet, suitcase, bag or backpack, contact the Avianca baggage office located at the airport.

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