What should I do if my bag is damaged or looted during the trip?

If upon arrival at your final destination you encounter problems with the condition in which you receive your baggage or if there is any looting, you can report the incident using the channels shown below:

Important: If you are reporting within 48 hours after your flight: Fill the baggage self-management form taking into account the following steps:

  1. Selects damage in the baggage affectation.
  2. Fill out the Avianca reservation information (5-digit alphanumeric code), you can check it on your boarding pass.
  3. Select the passenger(s).
  4. Includes the destination of checked baggage.
  5. Select the tag number of the affected baggage(s) and where it was registered.
  6. Describes the details of the checked baggage.
  7. Verify contact information.
  8. Save the ID delivered at the end of the process, it will serve as a support for your registration.
If you are reporting 48 hours after your flight:

Fill out the complaint and claim form with your luggage and save time doing it yourself.

Spanish form

English Form

Portuguese Form

Baggage offices:

Visit us in person at the baggage office of the corresponding airport. 

Contact Center:

Contact us at our Contact Center Baggage, use our baggage hotline 01 800 095 8722 or by WhatsApp and we will help you solve the problem you have with your baggage.

Our staff has been equipped and trained to always serve you with excellence so that at all times your experience when flying with us is the best. This includes taking care of your baggage when handling it, however, there are situations inherent to the handling of the items, which may cause damage. To avoid inconveniences with your baggage, please take into account the following information:

  • Avoid exceeding the capacity of your suitcase and forcing the lock, it may cause damage during handling. Improperly packed items may be received with a limited liability label. 

  • Remember to remove any hooks or objects that may become entangled in the conveyor belts.

  • As established in the contract conditions attached to your ticket, we remind you that situations related to the natural handling and transportation of the baggage, such as: minor cuts, scratches, scrapes, dents or marks, are exempt from claims. 

In case of damage
  • We will respond according to the nature of the fault and taking into account the labels previously used at the time of check-in.

  • No claim for damage and/or lootingcan be made more than 7 days after arrival at the final destination or after the baggage has been removed from the airport and/or our facilities.
  • No looting claims apply when you arrive at the airport on another airline.
  • Acceptance of a complaint does not constitute an admission of legal liability on the part of the airline, pending investigation.
  • If you have a claim it will be analysed and compensated, if applicable, according to the regulations according to the route flown and under the established limitations of liability.


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