What should I do if my baggage is delayed in delivery?

We want to help you with your baggage. Our policy is to move all delayed pieces within 24 hours and help you solve the problem with your baggage in the shortest time possible, except in circumstances beyond the control of the airport such as: lack of flight frequency, high season, bad weather, among other factors.

Remember that in order to make your delayed baggage claim request, we require:

    1. Original label
    2. Original ticket
    3. Travel document

Important: If you are going to report within 48 hours after your flight, please notify us by filling out this form:

  1. Select baggage claim delay.
  2. Complete the Avianca reservation information (5-digit alphanumeric code), you can check it on your boarding pass.
  3. Select the passenger(s).
  4. Includes the destination of checked baggage.
  5. Select the tag number of the affected baggage(s) and where it was registered.
  6. Describes the details of the checked baggage.
  7. Verify contact information.
  8. Confirm the address to which your luggage should be delivered (if applicable).
  9. Save the ID delivered at the end of the process, it will serve as a support for your registrati
If you are reporting 48 hours after your flight:

Fill out the complaint and claim form with your luggage and save time doing it yourself.

Spanish form

English Form

Portuguese Form 


  • You have a maximum of 21 days from the date your flight ended to file a delayed baggage claim.

About the baggage situation in Europe:

The limitations of operational personnel at European airports, a situation beyond our control, have meant that, in most cases, the baggage of customers who have flights with other airlines (origin, connection or destination to this continent) is not being delivered to Avianca flights. For this reason, there may be inconveniences with the delivery of baggage.

At this moment we are working together with the different airlines to continue the process of shipping your luggage and to have more information about it.

Considering the volume of baggage accumulation in Europe, which has paralyzed part of the operation of several airlines on the continent, we thank you for your patience, as we are unable to provide you with any further information on the status of your baggage at this time.


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