Can I transport human remains?

You can do it as hand luggage and also as cargo, just keep in mind the following recommendations

Human remains as hand luggage Human remains transported as cargo


  • Cremated human remains are accepted for air transport by any type of aircraft without prior arrangements.
  • Human remains that have died by infectious-contagious route must be cremated for handling in any type of transport as cremated remains, without restriction.
  • Cremated human remains may travel in the passenger cabin with the mourner only if the contents of the urn can be verified by X-ray. They must be transported in funeral urns sufficiently cushioned to prevent damage or breakage. The urn must be protected by strong outer packaging, which may be cardboard or wood.
  • It is recommended that the outer packaging of the urn be discreet.
  • For the acceptance of human remains it is necessary to attach the document certifying that the remains have been cremated.
  • The maximum weight allowed for the transport of human remains must be 10 kilos, if it exceeds this weight it must be transported as cargo.
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