Can I carry food in my luggage?

Perishable foods are very delicate and if they are not transported on the same flight they can spoil and the regulations for entering food depend on each country. Our recommendation is that you avoid transporting these items. However, if you decide to transport them, remember that their acceptance is subject to the customs authorities of the destination country.

Keep in mind: 

  • Avoid carrying vegetables, meat, fruit or milk.
  • If you are required to carry food with you, you may only transport small quantities and properly packed only in carry-on baggage.
  • It is important to avoid carrying food in additional space-sensitive pieces, as these can take up to 4 days to arrive on a domestic flight and up to 8 days on an international flight.
  • Perishable goods are not allowed in checked baggage or "Stand By" baggage.
  • Check on the customs forms whether the food you are transporting must be declared. Avoid being fined by the customs authorities. 

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