To what extent is the airline responsible for items in hold baggage?

Our commitment and responsibility with your luggage is for those products that are for your comfort and personal use such as clothing and basic necessities.

Check the items to be transported under your care:

Fragile articles: 

Antiques, works of art, books, photographs, documents, securities, televisions, computers or other electronic items and their accessories.

Special equipment:

Photographic, video or optical equipment and accessories thereof; medical articles.

Items of value:

Furs, money, jewellery, precious metals.

Personal items:

Perishable baggage, medicines, samples, items for commercial use, unique and irreplaceable items and similar valuable items. 

NOTE: Your valuables should always be in your care, so please carry them in your hand luggage and remember to declare them at the time of travel. Our liability is limited when these items have not been declared.

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