What are the weight and dimensions allowed for hold or checked baggage?

For checked baggage on all destinations, the maximum weight is 50 Lb for Economy Class and for Business Class the maximum weight allowance is 70 Lb (this weight only applies for the XL and XXL size). If you exceed the defined weight, you will have to pay the value of the additional baggage plus the cost of overweight .



Due to baggage regulations, for flights to/from Europe, it is not possible to exceed the weight of 70 pounds per piece, even if you pay the excess weight.

For all destinations, the dimensions of your baggage may not exceed 62 linear inches, equivalent to the sum of the external dimensions (height+length+width). If you exceed the defined dimensions, you will be charged an oversize fee.

Do I need airline approval to transport any items?? 

There are some restricted items that can be transported in checked baggage, but they must have prior authorization from the airline or the competent authorities. There are also some items that do not require prior confirmation, you just need to pack them so that the contents are protected and no risk is run during handling. Learn more here. 

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